Paper Trade
Commodity Futures
and Options

New, cutting-edge Simulated Trading Tools let you trade
with total confidence and peace-of-mind...
Starting with No Money & Zero Risk!

Introducing... The Online Paper Trading Toolbox...
'Paving Your Way to Successful Futures & Options Trading'

* Streamlines Every Step into a Clean, Simple, User-Friendly Interface. So easy, even a First-Grader Can Use it!

* Automatically Tests and Tracks Multiple Trading Techniques Simultaneously - with Unlimited Trading Accounts at Once. Plus, you can buy and sell throughout the day (instead of waiting for the market to close and reopen). Slashes your learning curve and turns an anxious waiting game into a habit you'll enjoy!

* Calculates Your Profits & Losses for You! Toss your calculator... The Online Paper Trading Toolbox strips repetitive tasks (and human error) down to the bare-bones-minimum. Sample Pic 1

* SAFELY Puts the Latest "Guru Theories" to the Test! See how they perform in the REAL WORLD, without risking one thin dime on hearsay! Shields you from falling victim to 'soap box wannabe' traders who pawn risky, un-proven techniques.

If you want to learn how to trade Commodity Futures and Options, or test new trading techniques, there's only ONE smart way to do it...

Paper Trading with None of Your Own Money

Key #1 to successful commodity and options trading is by first trading "on paper" - going through the motions of a trade, without investing any money! You get to see what you "would have" made (or lost) in a safe, risk-free environment.

Paper Trading lets you accumulate the same hands-on learning experience as if you've got thousands of dollars on the line. But your mistakes never cost you a cent!

Key #2 is consistency... sticking with it until you prove to yourself that you've got what it takes to invest real dollars for real profits. It's like anything... habitual practice is the only way to get good fast. Just ask any pro athlete.

The formula is simple:

Risk-Free, Simulated Trading + Consistency= Trading Success
There's no smarter, safer way to learn the ropes!

And it cannot be replaced with any book, course, seminar, audio, video, information or educational material. You simply must practice on paper before you can ever afford to lay your money on the line.

But 'the formula' itself presents you with a stiff challenge... consistency... something that's always easier said than done. We live in a fast-paced world today. Few people have the luxury or time or energy to squeeze in a new 'daily ritual.'

But that's okay, because this Online Paper Trading Power Tool...

Annihilates Your #1 Obstacle to Becoming a Skilled,
Sharp Trader of Commodity Futures and Options!

Hi, I'm David, creator of the Online Paper Trading Toolbox...

For many years, I entered the Futures orders for one of the largest grain trading companies in the world. I was the guy they hired to buy and sell millions of bushels of grain at a time.

It taught me an important lesson... never place too much trust in 'one system' or 'one method' of trading.

"You have to take what's already proven and apply what you learn from your own experience."

Most don't know this.

Or, they don't stick to it... usually because of one or two irritating, repetitive steps. For example, there's the paper trader who's "calculator averse" (a nice way of saying, "lazy")... tired of punching in a few numbers to see their profit or loss.

But that's okay, because...

The Paper Trading Toolbox was designed to automate virtually every step and task involved in paper trading.

...Helps even the laziest
paper trader establish unshakable
trading habits in record time!

* Quickly and easily builds your trading confidence.

* Automatically spits out your profit or loss, with mathematical precision, on every trade you make.

* Injects you with judgment, intuition ... that "sixth sense" or "gut feeling" you get when you KNOW you're making the right move.

* Tames the fear of making that leap from paper trader to Commodity Investor!

* Makes your trading easier, simpler, faster, more enjoyable, and therefore more effective and profitable.

* Empowers you with the most streamlined and robust tools you need to become the most accurate and savvy trader you can be!... regardless of which trading systems, strategies, or gurus you follow!

Thanks to modern computer and internet technology, even the laziest folks can breeze through paper trading - and stick with it - with almost no effort at all!

But not all Paper Trading tools are created equal!

Here's why the Online Paper Trading Toolbox
stands head and shoulders above anything else out there:

1. Learn to trade Futures and Options without risking any money.
Why risk your finances with trial and error? Let the Online Paper Trading Toolbox prove (or disprove) any trading approach, system, or style for you. You'll gain new insight with every trade. Before you know it, your profits 'on paper' will tell you that it's time to put some real money in the market.

Now you can build your trading skills and confidence quickly, easily, and 100% risk-free!

2. Are you already an active trader? If so, you'll be more equipped and empowered than ever!
Because The Online Paper Trading Toolbox lets you test and practice new trading techniques "on paper" while you safely continue the trading techniques already working for you now!

Helps you sharpen your trading edge, no matter what your experience level!

3. Paper trade unlimited accounts at once - build your skills faster!
The biggest downfall of paper trading is that you can only trade one account at a time. It's absurd, because you learn at a snails pace! Not here. Trading unlimited accounts simultaneously puts your trading education on hyper-drive, so you can test different strategies and get into the market sooner, and enjoy the ride along the way.

With such a steep climb in your 'trading wits,' you simply cannot afford to cripple your progress with just one account.

Why put it off another minute? Start paper trading with unlimited accounts at one time, just minutes from now!

Become the skilled and savvy trader
you secretly crave to be... faster than you
ever thought possible -- or your money back!

But that's not even the HALF of it! Look what else we've packed into this one-of-a-kind trading tool:

4. Discover new ways to reduce your risk
Build your trading arsenal with futures spreads. Used properly, spreads are an effective way to minimize your risk (and it's fully supported by the Online Paper Trading Toolbox. Sample Pic 2

5. Trade up to 4 option legs
And trading multiple option legs stacks your arsenal with even more ways to wipe out risk. Buy and sell credit spreads, ratio back spreads or any type of option spread. Sample Pic 3

The Online Paper Trading Toolbox makes everything about Paper Trading an absolute breeze!

6. User-Friendly "Zero Learning Curve" Interface
Eliminates every tedious task involved with traditional paper trading. And it blows away other trading tools that cost several times as much!

100% of what you need to paper trade - neatly displayed in easy-to-use menus. No ads, no clutter. It's simplicity makes paper trading quick, inviting and fun, so you're more likely to stick with it and make it a habit.

There are 3 ways to enter market data.

1 The first way is by manually entering a futures or options price.

2. The second is by importing a text file with market data. The following data formats are accepted by the software: Advanced GET ASCII, EzyCharts, MetaStock ASCII, Standard CSV, Supercharts ASCII.

3. If you happen to have a subscription with one of several data providers you can also Auto Download data as much as you want throughout the day. We added and tested this ability with 5 data providers: Reuters DataLink, Premium Data, EOD Data, CSI Data, CRB Data.

Isn't live data better?"

The truth is, unless you're "in the market" with real dollars, you don't need live data. In fact, you don't even need live data to make money in futures or options at all.

But if you want to stay on the pulse of the markets with real time data, you've got to pay for it. And it's not cheap. Because every individual user of live data must pay the exchange fees directly to the exchanges.

But why pay out the nose for live data you don't even need?

This is a limited-time trial offer,
so you must act now to avoid missing out!

Plus, it's 100% Risk-Free

7. Easy-Access Order Management Reports
See all your orders: confirmed, canceled, and pending... neatly organized. Managing your orders is a snap! Sample Pic 4

8. Add and withdraw funds to and from your accounts. Monitor your trades with easy-to-read account statements
We've made paper trading more true-to-life with deposit and withdrawal transactions detailed within each of your accounts. You can even print out your statements and study them if you like.

9. Enhanced flexibility with the power to change the commissions - based on what you think you
might pay if you were trading with real dollars. With so many unique, detail-oriented features, we've taken the "hum-drum" out of paper trading and gave it some KICK!

The Online Paper Trading Toolbox...
Full-Featured Paper Trading...
as Easy and Automated as it Gets!

But that didn't stop us from detailing every single click, function and option of the website with a handy User Guide!

Technology can be overwhelming enough at times. Why add to the confusion? So when we created the Online Paper Trading Toolbox we designed the painful learning curve right out of it!

"How much would you pay
for a trading education?"

Frankly speaking, I should be charging you $250 and up for this piece of software. Even at this price, it's a real steal considering how time saving this will be for you in your trading efforts.

But I've decided to give beginners and those who do not wish to pay so much money upfront a chance to get started.

For a limited time only, my Paper Trading software is available for an unbelievable, exclusive price of $99.95 $37

At this price I'm selling it for, I'm hardly making enough to cover the developmental costs of this software. That's why I will be raising the price of this software by at least a hundred dollars to breakeven.

Unconditional, Full 60 Days,
100% Money Back Guarantee

In other words, you simply can't go wrong by reserving your copy right here, right now.

You have a full 60 days to take my software for a spin. Use it for your day-to-day paper trades and then decide whether it's right for you.

You have 2 whole months to test drive this software absolutely risk free... and in the unexpected event that you do not like it, simply request for a prompt and no questions asked refund.

I'm taking all risk out of your paltry investment of $37.

Will you be the street savvy trader who makes the right choice?


That's a HUGE savings for the leanest, meanest,
Paper Trading tool you can get your hands on!

So, you either suffer through the tedious tasks involved in "the old way" of paper trading... or you can take advantage of this tiny window of opportunity, right now and let our tools automate virtually 100% of the grunt work for you for the absolute lowest price you will ever see!

And remember, if you aren't absolutely THRILLED with everything, we'll promptly refund your fee - no questions asked. Do it now... you've got more to risk if you don't!

To Your Trading Success,

David Rivera
Creator, Paper Trading Software

P.S - I got to be very honest with you. The next time you visit this page, the price of this software may have increased drastically. Reserve your own copy while it's still available.

P.P.S Also remember that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If this software isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money immediately. Click here to place YOUR order NOW!!